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Reaseheath Students Gain Real Farming Experience at Fairburn’s

Posted On: May 10, 2017
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As a young dynamic team, Fairburn’s take great pleasure in helping to develop aspiring farmers. When approached by retail partner, Sainsbury’s about having two of thier Reaseheath College students on work experience, they jumped at the chance to share their knowledge. For the students, the work experience placement allowed them to oversee the supply chain from field to fork, to gain a genuine understanding of producers and the farming environment.

Tom and Ollie joined Fairburn’s for a week of learning – and they were not shy to get their hands dirty either! The boys helped on the laying farms, putting bedding down, weighing chickens, collecting eggs, keel bone and feather scoring to gain a rounded understanding about bird health and welfare, as well as develop practical husbandry skills. They also visited the packing centres to learn about egg quality control, worked in the feed mill and accompanied feed lorry drivers on deliveries. They spent time with the Directors in the office where financial, marketing, sales, and brand decisions are made – as well learning about the businesses’ key retail accounts.

Ollie said; “The time we spent at Fairburn’s was just incredible. This is a hard-working family business, with all members of the family genuinely involved in every aspect. What impressed me the most was the morale amongst all staff, and the extraordinary passion that everyone has in delivering the best quality eggs, to the highest standards. There was a sense of pride throughout – and I think this transpired through to the end product.”

Tom added; “The Fairburn team shared every aspect of their business with us. From working directly with the hens, to experiencing the velocity of the packing centre to the milling, delivering and retail management. Every aspect of the supply chain is represented in this business and it was fantastic to see the product journey from start to finish. We’d like to thank the Fairburn team for letting us be part of their remarkable business.”

Daniel Fairburn concluded; “It has been a privilege to welcome students, Ollie and Tom to our farms for work experience. If all the next generation share their enthusiasm, passion, and eagerness to learn, then the future for British agriculture looks very bright. As farmers, we all have a responsibility to shape and carve the future of our industry and that’s why I believe it is so important that we work closely with agricultural colleges, charities, graduate schemes and movements such as the NFYFC to encourage, inspire and help to facilitate success for the next generation.”

“To be a successful farmer you also need to be business minded. Yes, there is the practical side, but it’s also so important to problem solve, negotiate, budget and mange people. Farming is an all-encompassing career but more than that, it’s a way of life.”