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Open Farm Sunday

Posted On: July 18, 2017
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The Open Farm Sunday campaign is a national event aimed at lobbying British farming. Its objective is to encourage the public to learn more about farming, food and production and that’s exactly what the Fairburn’s team did!

Fairburn’s teamed up with the Ward family at Uncle Henry’s Farm Shop, Butchery & Café at Gainsborough to share their passion and knowledge of farming – helping to educate people a   bout the farm to fork supply chain.

The event attracted over 4,500 visitors to Uncle Henrys Farm Shop where Fairburn’s took along eggs and a culinary expert (Chef Rachel Green) to cook up some egg-ceptionally tasty food using eggs. So versatile, nutritious, and affordable, the humble egg is one of nature’s multivitamins and a firm family favourite across the UK.

During the event Rachel Green cooked up exciting recipes for guests to sample whilst the Fairburn team shared insights into where the eggs had come from, how the hens had been reared and how their business operates on such a large scale that it supplies over 16 million eggs to retail every week!

Sarah Louise Fairburn said; “We would like to thank the Ward family and the team at Uncle Henrys Farm Shop for their kind hospitality and for inviting us to share in their Open Farm Sunday event. What a brilliant occasion it was. As a family business, we love to see the younger generation take an interest in what we do. My daughter Peyia absolutely loves cooking with Rachel and it’s an opportunity for her to learn new skills, to understand food and flavor and most importantly appreciate where good food comes from – from hard working British farmers!”