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Guinness World Record Cracked at Oxford University!

Posted On: October 24, 2017
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On Friday 13th October 2017 history was made at Oxford University when more than 179 people simultaneously dunked toasted soldiers into dippy eggs – smashing the existing Guinness World Record!

To celebrate World Egg Day, Exeter College at Oxford University set to crack a challenge. The college’s steward, Philip Munday, catering manager Lesley O’Donovan, and the British Egg Industry Council hatched a plan to get Exeter College into the record books by getting at least 179 people to dunk toast soldiers into soft-boiled eggs.

Staff, academics and students gathered at 8.30am in the college Hall to attempt to beat and exceed the record which was set by 178 soldiers from HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps at Imjin Barracks in Gloucestershire in 2014.

In a nail biting challenge the team at Exeter College were successful and with Guinness World Record officials in attendance – the record has been officially beaten!

Exeter College’s catering team served a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg and two toast soldiers to everyone who attended. The rules were straightforward but strict with everyone having to dunk each soldier twice and eat the eggy toast at the same time.

The college managed to get 183 dippers in total, beating the previous record by 5!