A british family business since 1951

Our fabulously fresh eggs are produced and packed on our farm in Lincolnshire, usually from within a 25 mile radius. All our feathered friends are reared with us from day old chicks and fed on grains grown and milled on our farm. We are proud to produce every type of egg for the family kitchen table including barn, colony, free range and organic.

Organic Eggs Lincolnshire

Our Hens

ISA Warren

Jenson-with-ChickenThe ISA Warren chicken is bred for its adaptability to alternative systems, it is a large, resilient, easy to manage layer with good feather retention.

Bovans Brown

The Bovans Brown chicken is a docile, robust, colour-sexable brown egg layer. It delivers large numbers of good quality eggs, is strong and shows a good appetite.

Rearing-Page-Olivia-with-Brown Hyline Brown

The Hy-Line Brown is the most efficient bird in its class. With an excellent temperament, unsurpassed feed efficiency, unbeatable liveability and a proven ability to lay more first quality eggs per hen than any other breed,the Hy-Line Brown is the world’s most advanced brown egg layer.

These traits make the Hy-Line Brown a perfectly balanced bird suitable for both Enriched Colony and Alternative production systems. 


British Blue

The British Blue® hen is bespoke with 100% British origin, hatched, hand reared and housed in higher welfare free range housing all on UK soil. Fairburn’s have worked closely with top geneticists to develop the correct genetics, to hatch, rear and nurture these new hens into the beautiful, opulent egg layer that she is today.

  • British Lion Quality
  • Organic Food
  • BRC Global
  • OF & G
  • UFAS
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  • Wooldland Trust