A british family business since 1951

Our fabulously fresh eggs are produced on our farms and packed in our own facilities in Lincolnshire, usually from within a 25 mile radius.  All our feathered friends are reared with us from day old chicks and fed on grains milled on our farm. We are proud to produce every type of egg for the family kitchen table including barn, colony, free range and organic.

Organic Eggs Lincolnshire

Eggs and Hens



Method of Production

  • 0 – Organic
  • 1 – Free Range
  • 2 – Barn
  • 3 – Caged

British Lion Quality Mark

Only found on eggs that have been produced in accordance with UK and EU law and the British Lion Quality Code of Practice

Producer Identity

A unique code where the egg was produced e.g. UK12345

Best before date

All British Lion Quality eggs must include a best before date printed on the shell of the egg

  • British Lion Quality
  • Organic Food
  • BRC Global
  • OF & G
  • UFAS
  • Select Lincolnshire
  • Wooldland Trust