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A Cracking Toast Topper for National Toast Day

Posted On: February 5, 2018
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The egg loving team at Lincolnshire based LJ Fairburn & Son Ltd is encouraging everyone to get toasting as they celebrate National Toast Day on the 22nd February 2018. Eggs on toast – the perfect pairing! This is how the Fairburn team and family, young and old, like to enjoy their toast –with scrambled, poached, fried or soft boiled eggs with toasted dippy soldiers, there is a slice for every egg occasion.

The question is, which eggs-pert decided to start toasting bread? In ancient times, toasting bread was a method of preserving it. The Romans spread the idea of toast throughout Europe, even into Britain, and the colonists brought toast to the Americas. The word ‘toast’ comes from the Latin word ‘tostum’, meaning scorch or burn – so toast is essentially burnt bread. The first people to toast bread would hold it over a fire or lie it on a hot stone until the invention of electricity led to the creation of the modern toaster.

Overtime the human population has come to adore toast and its diverse topping creations. Since toast is easier to spread things on than bread and with its crunchier texture, toasting adds a new dimension to bread and when paired with other ingredients, toast forms a comforting staple meal loved throughout British households.

In celebration Fairburn’s are raising a ‘toast’ in admiration! This National Toast Day Fairburn’s are sharing their fabulous scrambled eggs and mashed avocado recipe. For good flavour, simplicity is key!

Eggs are a healthy and affordable protein source and are adaptable to many types of recipes and cooking. Scrambling is one of the most treasured ways to enjoy eggs – deliciously creamy and soft and when topped on toast, there is nothing more wonderful!

Sarah Louise Fairburn, Brand & Sales Director at LJ Fairburn & Son Ltd, said; “In the Fairburn family, eggs on toast is a compelling winner! My four children just love enjoying eggs, in their many ways, with fabulously fresh bread. As one of the UK’s largest egg producers, supplying our eggs direct to major retail, we’re delighted to celebrate National Toast Day. When it comes to toast you really can’t ‘beat’ pairing it with tasty scrambled eggs and appetising avocado for an Instagram worthy breakfast.” 

Try out Fairburn’s scrambled eggs with mashed avocado. Click here for the recipe.