A british family business since 1951

Passionate about our hens and the eggs they kindly produce, we are a young, progressive family business. Taking a very hands-on approach we are the third generation of Fairburn’s to produce eggs. As a business we have the drive to care and the technology to deliver. We are in control of everything we put in and every egg we send out, ensuring the finest quality and the freshest egg.

Organic Eggs Lincolnshire

The Business


The family moto is “feed the chickens before you feed yourself!”


Led by old fashioned family values, upholding a belief in integrity and loyalty, the business is far from antiquated.  Investment in innovative technology and state of the art buildings help stream line this modern business and future proof it too. Welfare is at the top of the agenda, for birds and staff – all of which tend to be thought of as part of the extended Fairburn family.

In February 2013 the first stage of the development of a new and innovative 33,000 square foot packing centre at Burgh-Le-Marsh was completed.  The building houses Ovotrack full traceability systems and Moba egg grading technology, providing a fully integrated system for tracking, traceability and stock control. Packing 330 cases of eggs per hour, this packing and distribution centre complements the facilities at Barfen Farm Packing Centre which grades and proomacks the 900,000 bird colony egg production, also at a rate of 330 cases per hour. Both future proofed packing centres are accredited to BRC Grade A standards, the Lion Code of Practice, Freedom Foods (RSPCA),OVOTRACK_RGB_MIDDEL the Organic Food Federation and the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.


  • British Lion Quality
  • Organic Food
  • BRC Global
  • OF & G
  • UFAS
  • Select Lincolnshire
  • Wooldland Trust